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The music of Dacianos can be heard on Spotify: The Megastream Collection and Gratis?

Streaming on Soundcloud. Videos at the Dave Walsh channel and Dacianos channel.

On stage, 28 April 2004.


'Beautiful, spiritual, melodic music... poignant music punctuated with moments of genuine joy.' So Dacianos were described on Irish television in 2002.

In 2011, the final album by Dacianos was released, Fables for Another Time. It was recorded in Norway and featured, in order of appearance: Barry Kavanagh (piano, voice, elka organ, pss-380 keyboard, guitar), Håkon Larsen (drums, egg, tambourine), Marius Kolbenstvedt (metallophones, bass, sampler, moogerfoogers, synths, zithers, baritone guitar), Marius Ergo (elka organ), Sara Cools Yri (accordion & glockenspiel), Marie Kvamme (voice) and Ilmar Wilbers (cello) .

Only Barry Kavanagh remained from the original band that first took form in Ireland and created two mini-albums, the mostly-acoustic Mis-showbusiness, released in 2000, and Hold Music, released in 2002, which went the other direction with drum machine and sampler.

Over the next few years, Kavanagh was in the UK , then he moved to Oslo in 2005. A collection of Irish, British and Norwegian recordings were comprised the CD In a Weird Chalet 2004-2006.
Dacianos then became a wholly Oslo-based project, with Håkon Larsen, Marius Kolbenstvedt, Marie Kvamme and Ilmar Wilbers all appearing on Gratis? (2009) and Fables for Another Time (2011).

You can buy the five Dacianos CDs online from our shop. You can buy the digital album of Gratis? on both cdbaby and bandcamp, and the other four digital albums on bandcamp. You can buy a digital compilation, The Megastream Collection, on cdbaby.

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