dacianos - mis-showbusiness

Dacianos' debut Mis-showbusiness. Streaming on the Dacianos Catalogue Soundcloud. Buy the CD from our shop or the digital album at bandcamp.

'Muse' video directed by Miyazato Yoshinori:

mis-showbusiness cover - click for larger image

From reviews:

"Opener 'Muse' sets the tone of swirling violins and tingling pianos that eerily accompany Barry Kavanagh's impassioned vocals. There is a lovely live session feel to these recordings, perfectly befitting their spontaneous and open approach to using musicians and broadening the canvas of their compositions." Hot Press.

"...few groups can match the honesty and imagery that is painted here." Local Ireland.

"...the intensity of his [Barry Kavanagh's] passion and the force of his words carry the day for him. John McMahon and Eamon O hAinin...provide the occasionally sublime and always sympathetic accompaniment, the glissando piano and staccato violin alternately soothing and scraping at the raw wounds on display." Event Guide.

"This curiosity and innovation creates melodies that grip your creative imagination accompanied by meaningful lyrics... their love of the music and the emotions behind their songs are noteworthy." Where's The Craic.com.

"The lazy humming of 'Muse' is superb and 'A Million Like You' is similarly brilliant... 'Dreams'... it's one of the tunes of the year." Issues.


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