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The Dacianos album Fables for Another Time. Streaming on the Dacianos Catalogue Soundcloud. Buy the CD at our shop or the digital album at bandcamp.

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Ridiculous information about the songs:

1. Quantum Suicide

Quantum Suicide is a scientific thought experiment. The scientist sits in front of a gun that is set up to either trigger or misfire, depending on the decay of a radioactive atom. With each run of the experiment, there is a 50% chance the gun will trigger. Under the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, the gun will eventually kill the scientist. But if the ‘many-worlds’ interpretation is correct, then at each run of the experiment there will be a universe in which the scientist lives, and another in which he dies. The scientist can only ever be conscious of the world in which he LIVES, and so never seems to die. This leads to the fanciful speculation that the many-worlds interpretation implies all conscious beings are immortal.
(Imagine the scientist, realizing he cannot die, stepping outside the lab and seeing for the first time what is worthwhile about existence).

2. All You Can Do is Love

Many years ago, I had a lucid dream in which I was on my back on a little boat floating slowly along a dark cavern. Lining the walls were stone angels. Before I passed them, to float on into the darkness, I had time to ask them questions about my life. They answered without moving their lips. I heard instead a deep voice at the back of my head. The advice was 'All you can do is love, the rest is out of your hands.' (The song is more concerned with things that came to mind a couple of years later but those angels want to be a permanent part of the background) - Barry Kavanagh.

3. Lucette Visits Céline in Prison

If I had known how beautiful this song would turn out, I would not have written it about this - Barry.

'Il n'empêche qu'on l'a gardé en prison deux ans, dans la cellule des condamnés à mort, sans air, sans... Juste un petit soupirail et, pour nourriture, trois carottes et un citron. Une fois par semaine, j’allais le voir Toutes nos rencontres se tenaient en anglais, la seule langue autorisée. Dans sa cellule, il était enchaîné. Ce qu'il en rapporte dans ses livres est d'ailleurs au-dessous de la vérité. ça a été bien plus dur qu'il ne le dit' - Lucette Destouches.

4. Ridiculous?

When it came to writing songs, I used only chord changes that I found emotionally affecting, I would find a melody to go with them and then I would work on the lyrics to match. Each song was supposed to be unified in this way. Those were my only criteria - Barry.

5. Absolutely!

'Favoritten er nr 5. Nydelig med kontrastene i duetten, og nakent landskap med cello' - Marius Kolbenstvedt.

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